First and foremost, Numbalee has been created to provide a fun and exciting way for players to improve their maths skills and confidence.

With over 12 exciting and educational games to play covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division there is something for everyone.

Challenge your family and friends in a race to zero using addition and subtraction in Numbalee Darts or battle your opponents to the finish in Numbalee Memory. Starting at ages 6+, Numbalee doesn’t require any additional equipment or a board (just a pen and paper for Numbalee Darts) and it comes in a small portable bag, perfect for playing anywhere and everywhere.

We’re continually developing new games that can be enjoyed by anybody, no matter how old they are. And we hope you enjoy playing Numbalee as much as we do.

Do you have what it takes to be crowned Numbalee King or Queen? Put your maths skills to the test and let us know how you got on!


The Numbalee story spans back to May 2015. Oliver Leck’s colleague and friend, Dee, came to him as her daughter was struggling with her maths in school. Oliver tried looking for something available on the market that would act as an aid for her. After spending some time searching, Oliver really struggled to find a maths aid that was fun and educational, and could be used individually or as a family.

It was then that Oliver decided he could fill this gap and turned to his father David, a teacher, who helped Oliver start the development of Numbalee. Making sure he got every detail right, Oliver created over 12 maths games that closely matched up to key stage 1 and 2 learning and provided a fun outlet for people of all ages to develop their maths skills.

Oliver wanted a game that would not only help teach players various maths skills, but was competitive and fun to play – whether playing solo, with family or friends. It also had to be portable, so that it made it easy for families to pack and take on any trips, without the need for lots of additional pieces or a large board.

After lots of game testing, developing and late (late) nights, we have successfully launched Numbalee and couldn’t be happier to share it with you. We care not only about aiding little learners with their maths skills, but bringing families together with some old-fashioned game time fun.

Numbalee is fast paced, exciting and educational – all in one small package. We hope you love it!


Oliver Leck picture

I created Numbalee with fond memories of my childhood. Growing up, we would have loads of fun playing board games together as a family at the caravan in Southwold. I particularly remember spending many a late night trying to bankrupt my parents at Monopoly.

Later in life, I went on to gain a First Class Honor’s Degree at the University of Hertfordshire in Business Economics and qualified as an accountant with the ACCA. With 9 years accountancy experience under my belt I have always been passionate about numbers and when I discovered there was a huge need for a fun and educational maths aid, my childhood memories of playing games with the family came flooding back to me.

Having also a keen interest in sport, I coached under 10’s to under 13’s rugby at my local club and this really enhanced my joy of helping others succeed at something.

After three years of development, I am so excited for Numbalee to now be available to the public. I’ve designed the games to cover many aspects of the mathematics curriculum and hope families and children have fun playing them, so they can have the same fond memories I have as a child playing board games with my dad and my late mum, who sadly passed away before I got to show her the finished games.

Here’s to many more families making fond memories together!

“Just received mine for my kids ,boy and girl, we started playing last night and couldn't stop really fun and brilliant as the kids are learning at the same time, it's like scrabble and countdown rolled into one! I already can see their maths improving as they think about the moves before taking them, definitely recommend it and I think worth schools taking a look at it!”